Sunday, January 27, 2008

return of the mims

back from ny.
blogging to follow...busy week, though.
100th day of school, KTIP observation, PD sub day, etc.

had a marvelous time :)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

precipitation day

happy snow day to me
happy snow day to me
happy snow day to ria
happy snow day to me.
and many mooooore...

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

alabama, alaska, arizona, umm....

dang it! i just realized it's not project runway night. that's one of the things that got me through today! ah well. one quick tv note...

i got sucked into the miss america reality show on TLC last night. in my defense, it came on after jon and kate + 8. let me tell you, this show is ridiculous. i still don't understand what they're doing on it. and the judges are just HORRIBLE. give me randy, simon, and paula anyday---if only because it means we also get ryan seacrest.

the best (worst?) part of this show was when they made them all jump into the pool. it was like there were sharks in it or something. growl. where is stanley the manly when you need him?

retina kudos

hooray! chris has come and gone through eye surgery today. i was very on edge this afternoon, wondering how he did. thankfully, all is well and he will have amazing vision (and no BCGs) within a few weeks. yay!

check out these with and without glasses pics.

Monday, January 14, 2008

let's get physical

this is not my new yrs resolution, but i have decided to start exercising a bit more. i am not motivated to work out alone and i love to eat. however, i have found the PERFECT place to get my sweat on--christ the king church.

they have these great hour-long exercise classes every night of the week. and here's the best part...each class is only TWO DOLLARS. that's right. deux washingtons. actually, you don't even have to pay if you don't want to.

each are from 6-7pm unless noted:
monday-step aerobics
tues-yoga ball
weds-step aerobics **i will always be at this class
sat morn @ 9-step aerobics **i will very likely be at this class

anyone interested?
seriously. it's not bad. it's actually mostly moms, so don't feel bad about feeling sluggish.

jen, you can wear your leotard.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

monsieur jack johnson

anyone who knows me knows i ADORE jack johnson. i was first introduced to him by fink during our sophomore year of high school (1999 i believe, maybe 2000). i have been in love ever since. i know every lyric to every song. in fact, the #2 thing i want to do before i die is see jack johnson in concert (#1 thing i keep to myself).

here is a link to his new song.

enjoy away.

new album out 2/5/8

hall's on the river

one night while chris was here, we decided to trek down past athens for a romantic dinner at hall's. he had never been there and i had been dying for some beer cheese.

i had the seafood fettucini and he had crab legs. chris is always an adventurous eater and i am trying to timidly follow suit. i am proud to say i ate crab legs and LOVED them.

i would recommend hall's to anyone looking for a romantic dinner. and if traveling to the country for dinner isn't your style, you can always pick up some of their famous beer cheese at meijer.

the newest addition

a few of you know that my cat, tiger, died in dec 2k5. it took me a very long time to get over this, and even still, i have not visited her grave. however, i had recently pet-sit and decided i was ready for another feline in my life. chris said he would get one for me for christmas and, thus, began the great kitten search of 2007.

we looked at the shelters in lexington, woodford, and jessamine. i finally found one i fell in love with at the jessamine shelter. we brought her home on jan 4 and we are now bonded for life.

lilah is 4 months old, loves cuddling, has a feisty side, is not afraid of plastic bags, is afraid of the vacuum, and loves talking to chris on the webcam. she sleeps next to me and puts her paw on my hand. how stinking CUTE! she has already met grandma, grandpa, uncle brett, uncle eric, cousin lily, aunt maria, uncle mark, and aunt sarah. come on over for a visit!

we named her delilah after the song "hey there delilah." chris found that band right around the time we first started dating...1.5 years ago. that song eventually became overplayed, but it still holds a special place in our hearts because of our long-distance relationship.

welcome home, lilah!

Monday, January 7, 2008

bon anniversaire

happy birthday to my favorite youngest brother. you only turn 16 once, kid.

let me tell you about this kid:

  • he's a rice, therefore, he loves: playing cards, sports of all sorts, Bdubs, seeds, skyline cheese, and egg kisses
  • he's one hella good baseball player
  • he has red hair, which i am super partial to
  • he is an uncle to the CUTEST kitten ever

basically, he's on the corridor to the area of awesome.

promises, promises

new posts coming, promise. it's been a crazy, wonderful couple of weeks. so much to say, not ready to say it yet.

  • cabin
  • lilah
  • nye
  • hall's
  • antm
  • school
  • etc.

great quote from this weekend: for christians, earth is as bad as it is ever going to be. for non-christians, earth is as good as it's every going to be.