Saturday, August 30, 2008


there are no words to describe how much i laughed at these pictures this morning. i think i loved these so much b/c they look so cute, but are amazingly tongue-in-cheek. bravo, humor!

all credits to

this one is called "runnin' rhino". ROFL. i literally had tears running down my cheeks i was laughing so hard.

this one is called "a birth day". these animals look like fisher price farm animals!

this one is called "russian newborn". hahahahahahaha

yippie! yuppie?

the last of my stuff from the old apt was moved downtown this morning, so i am officially and totally a yuppie now. i am in love with my new surroundings.

i enjoy the 4 block walk to work each morning, as it allows me to center myself and ready for the tasks ahead.

i enjoy the farmer's market on saturday morning just around the corner.

i enjoy triangle park at any time i wish.

i enjoy all of the interesting architecture and vibrance along little pathways rarely seen by the driving masses.

i enjoy seeing change...albeit sad and, at times, politically motivated...because it reminds me that others think, breathe, and live all around me.

hello, lexington, once more.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


oh dear sweet luscious internet. how i missed thee.

i have been without internet for 2 1/2 weeks now. it's been horrible! thankfully, they got their shizz together and hooked me up.

i have also been battling bronchitis on top of a sinus infection this week. so it's not been the best of times for ms. em. thankfully, things are looking up. we are soon to sign the contract for the caterer and the final contract for talon. and most importantly, chris is coming into town this weekend! happy twenty-four (on tuesday) to my love.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

IKEA finds

here are a few pictures of some things we bought at IKEA the other day. **more to come i promise!**

little moments like that

it has been a whirlwind week already...and school hasn't even started yet. here are a few musings to mull over. i've GOT to get to school to beautify my classroom.

*i ate SUSHI last night. ami suggested that we all get to know each other better, so off we headed to miyako. i probably won't be eating it every night, but i was brave and it wasn't bad!

*i feel very honored to be in the new bluegrass ladies club. i have been searching for a long time for a group of genuine ladies in lexington and i believe i just might have found it (rather, we found each other). can't wait until the 27th!

*this week, i have been slowly moving into my *new* apartment on market street. it is even more adorable than i remembered and i can't wait to call it my home. chris has been doing SO much work for it. last night, maria and i went to check out the progress after dinner and chris was so sweaty, tired, and dirty. but you know what, i loved him a little bit more in that moment because i know how hard he was working to make this a livable place.

*today, i have my first caterer meeting. we are looking at several options. as long as they don't make me eat live anything, i think i'll be okay. my mom and chris are coming too. i'll let you know how it goes.

*school starts in ONE WEEK. i can't believe how quickly the summer goes. i thought it went quickly when i was little, but 2008's just flew by. i made some great memories, but i am very excited about the upcoming future.

GAH it's already 9. meeting kerry for lunch at 1130, then the caterer at 1. must run. hope everyone else is doing well. i promise to upload some "before" pics of the apartment once i find the cord. for rizzle.

Monday, August 4, 2008


i signed the lease last week and am in the process of moving apartments. it's nice not to have to rush and do it all in one weekend. i'm trying to get the apartment at least a little presentable by this weekend because i might have a few drunkies crashing the place. :)

open invite to anyone: atomic cafe this saturday

today is a great day! chris and i are going to IKEA (aka mecca) to pick up some things for the new apt. then, we are going to the beach waterpark. if you go after 4pm, it's only 10 bucks to get in. and you KNOW this red-headed, pale beauty can take all the precautions she can get.

i took pictures of the new apartment, but i haven't uploaded them yet. can't wait to do a before/after type thing.

today, i am specifically looking for shelving, a sleeper sofa, kitchen storage, and maybe a comfy looking ottoman.