Thursday, June 26, 2008

sparkling spotlight: volume 1

i have decided to start a semi-regular spotlight on my blog of a person of my choosing. in order to be eligible for this prestigous recognition, you have to meet some stringent expectations: 1) i have to know you, 2) you have to know me, and 3) you have to be nice.

the first person i have chosen to spotlight is my fiance, chris. (applause)

a few things i love/know about him:

  • he is currently a senior at west point. although this was/is a difficult thing to work through sometimes, i love his dedication and growth over time
  • plays the most amazing bee-tar ever
  • shares my sense of humor
  • thinks before he speaks
  • we are great travelers
  • will be a fantastic father
  • is very thoughtful at all times
  • perfectly fits this quote from the fray "when i'm losing my control, the city spins around, you're the only one who knows, you slow it down"
  • is always up for a walk
  • has the perfect 'emily head-shaped' nook on his shoulder

a few things i don't love about him :)

  • the smell of his farts
  • being so far away
  • his propensity to over-help (although i secretly love this...i don't always at the time)
  • driving too slow
  • that one song he plays over and over and over on the bee-tar
  • his ant joke

above all, he has changed my life for the better and i cannot wait to be his wife on june 6th or 7th next year. he is a romantic in every sense of the word. i love you, chris. there are so many trite things i could say, and i could go on for days, but this quote fits perfectly:

Romance is the glamour which turns the dust of everyday life

into a golden haze. --Elinor Glyn

Sunday, June 22, 2008

1st kid

i caught this gem of a movie this morning. when we were little, we watched the heck out of this movie. sinbad is hilarious and this is a fantastic movie for all ages.

small sampling of quotes:

Wilkes: This is a black tie affair!
Simms: I know, sir and I got it covered. I'm black and I'm wearing a tie.

Dash: You guys suck.
Simms: We suck, ya hear that Luke? We suck, alright, we suck! Let's make a sucky left turn here.

atomic cafe

i partook in one of my favorite summertime (or anytime) activities last night: reggae dancing at atomic cafe. every friday and saturday night, they have a live reggae band on the patio. if you get in before 9, there is no cover.

they've got sweet potato chips and all the fruity drinks. on tap, they have guinness, longboard, bass, and something else. yours truly imbibed ky ale and killian's (as per usual). you should definitely check it out.

Friday, June 20, 2008

new project...

i have decided to make a t-shirt quilt. i have too many t-shirts that don't fit, but i simply can't part with.

i have never quilted before in my life and all the sewing i can do is a straight line.

any words of encouragement?

crisis averted

so, the other night, i was nearly homeless for the evening.

as i was going through my nightly routine, i realized i didn't have enough contact solution. i remembered i had an extra bottle in the car, so i grabbed my keys to go out to get it. as i locked and closed the door behind me, i had a slow-motion moment because my apartment keys were STILL INSIDE. grr...locked out.

note: i was in my pajamas, no shoes, no contacts, no license, no cell phone, and i had just taken a PM to help me sleep better.

so i drove to thornton's to use their phone, but that place is a little seedy after dark. so i prayed jen was home. after banging on her door, she let me use her cell phone to call a friend who had the only other spare key.

thankfully, all is well and i got back into my apartment.

i was a hot mess...

Thursday, June 19, 2008

dix on thurs

10 biggest time-wasters
  1. wikipedia
  2. organizing something random in my apt
  3. sleeping
  4. texting
  5. ANTM marathons
  6. looking at wedding stuff online
  7. grocery shopping
  8. napping
  9. mike & mike in the morning
  10. traffic

hi, my name is...

rapid-fire update:

  • good lord, redlegs. PATTERSON hitting leadoff? dusty the douche needs to grow up and remember he's not managing the cubs anymore.

  • dunn DOESN'T have a passion for the game. he is the laziest and suckiest player ever. i'd take 18 million griffeys over him anyday. go back to tex-ass and sit on yours you oaf.

  • the JJ concert was AMAZING. i didn't much like the venue, but JJ was wonderful. he played many of my favorite songs.

  • erica is in meh-he-co with her lover and his fam this week. i am anxious to hear about their adventures (and perhaps a ring?) when she returns this weekend.

  • RIP tim russert. your zest and whiteboard brought a sense of home to an otherwise elite political world.

  • i love joe torre's brand of managing. PLZ come to cincy!

  • we had a wonderful vacation in florida. we went to all the disney parks and recouperated on the other days. it was so fun to relax and brush off the school year.

  • we got my dad a new kitten for father's day and she is so freakin cute. she doesn't have a name yet, but she is gray, 8 wks old, and tiny. lily is none too pleased about it. being around the kitten has really made me want to get lilah a playmate. if i find an orange female kitten, it's mine.

  • my lease is up on sept 1. i would love to move downtown. anyone know of any great rental properties that are NOT on campus?

  • yoga tonight.

  • there is this kid on my brother's baseball team. i literally cannot stand him. i know i tend to be crotchety sometimes, but this kid is more than i can stand. he's 16 with a trash dash and a baby on the way. more than his problems in life, i can't stand the way he hangs outside the dugout with his entourage during the game. he couldn't give two shits about his team or teammates. i am kind of a baseball purist and i can't stand it when one person thinks they are bigger than the team (see: clemens, roger). also, he is inconsistent at the plate and on the rubber. he threw his bat last night all the way to the dugout, THEN the coach apologized for getting on him. grow a pair! after all of that, his mom handed him a cigarette on the way to the car. yeah...smoke in front of your baby mama who is carrying your unborn child you POS. i have NO PATIENCE for low-life, low-class people like that in this world. sorry....had to vent that somewhere.

  • we are thisclose to signing our contract for our reception site. :)

Friday, June 13, 2008

"i was crazy about you then and now the craziest thing of all..."

OMG today could quite possibly be one of the best days of my life. tonight, i will see jack johnson live. holy crap.

i have loved his music since the release of his first CD. i have fink to thank for introducing me to this marvelous musician.

chris and i will be carpooling with allie and her friend dara to indy. the forecast predicts a 90% chance of rain, but come rain or come shine, i will be cheering my head off.

Monday, June 9, 2008

the kid

congrats to griffey for hitting his 600th homer tonight. you are the fifth* player to do this and i am proud to have you on the hometown team. (*i do not count barry lamar bonds as having accomplished this feat. he's a cheater AND a douche bag)

hooray junior!