Friday, June 20, 2008

crisis averted

so, the other night, i was nearly homeless for the evening.

as i was going through my nightly routine, i realized i didn't have enough contact solution. i remembered i had an extra bottle in the car, so i grabbed my keys to go out to get it. as i locked and closed the door behind me, i had a slow-motion moment because my apartment keys were STILL INSIDE. grr...locked out.

note: i was in my pajamas, no shoes, no contacts, no license, no cell phone, and i had just taken a PM to help me sleep better.

so i drove to thornton's to use their phone, but that place is a little seedy after dark. so i prayed jen was home. after banging on her door, she let me use her cell phone to call a friend who had the only other spare key.

thankfully, all is well and i got back into my apartment.

i was a hot mess...

1 comment:

Cameron said...

my friend has a story similar to this, but in his story he was drunk and naked and locked out.

it's actually a good story and the first time i heard it a shot something out my nose. awesome.

glad you were okay.