Thursday, June 19, 2008

hi, my name is...

rapid-fire update:

  • good lord, redlegs. PATTERSON hitting leadoff? dusty the douche needs to grow up and remember he's not managing the cubs anymore.

  • dunn DOESN'T have a passion for the game. he is the laziest and suckiest player ever. i'd take 18 million griffeys over him anyday. go back to tex-ass and sit on yours you oaf.

  • the JJ concert was AMAZING. i didn't much like the venue, but JJ was wonderful. he played many of my favorite songs.

  • erica is in meh-he-co with her lover and his fam this week. i am anxious to hear about their adventures (and perhaps a ring?) when she returns this weekend.

  • RIP tim russert. your zest and whiteboard brought a sense of home to an otherwise elite political world.

  • i love joe torre's brand of managing. PLZ come to cincy!

  • we had a wonderful vacation in florida. we went to all the disney parks and recouperated on the other days. it was so fun to relax and brush off the school year.

  • we got my dad a new kitten for father's day and she is so freakin cute. she doesn't have a name yet, but she is gray, 8 wks old, and tiny. lily is none too pleased about it. being around the kitten has really made me want to get lilah a playmate. if i find an orange female kitten, it's mine.

  • my lease is up on sept 1. i would love to move downtown. anyone know of any great rental properties that are NOT on campus?

  • yoga tonight.

  • there is this kid on my brother's baseball team. i literally cannot stand him. i know i tend to be crotchety sometimes, but this kid is more than i can stand. he's 16 with a trash dash and a baby on the way. more than his problems in life, i can't stand the way he hangs outside the dugout with his entourage during the game. he couldn't give two shits about his team or teammates. i am kind of a baseball purist and i can't stand it when one person thinks they are bigger than the team (see: clemens, roger). also, he is inconsistent at the plate and on the rubber. he threw his bat last night all the way to the dugout, THEN the coach apologized for getting on him. grow a pair! after all of that, his mom handed him a cigarette on the way to the car. yeah...smoke in front of your baby mama who is carrying your unborn child you POS. i have NO PATIENCE for low-life, low-class people like that in this world. sorry....had to vent that somewhere.

  • we are thisclose to signing our contract for our reception site. :)

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Nicole said...

hey doll, I MUST agree the JJ concert was amazing! It was actually June FRI the 13th here (IN) it rained but wow was it great! We are also getting married soon also, saw we had some in common and wanted to say hey =]