Wednesday, January 21, 2009

finish this sentence...

there is nothing better than....

*listening to UK basketball & reds baseball on the radio
*looking down at my finger and realizing i'm getting married (it hits me really hard sometimes)
*tomato soup with milk
*sitting in a warm house with your family
*the "light bulb" moment from kids while i am teaching
*electric blankets
*being in a long-distance w/ all this technology

Monday, January 5, 2009

complete this sentence

in 2009, i want to...

(thanks to nicoleantoinette for the blog topic)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

sunny days, keeping the clouds away.

when i was little, the people on sesame street were my friends.  i seriously loved mr. hooper, herry monster, guy smiley, and ernie.  my favorite, though, was big bird.  he just seemed like such a nice friend to have.  plus, i knew he could put the (scary huge) snuffy in his place.

eric and i used to play the sesame street game for the original nintendo ALL THE TIME.

i found this video while trolling them internets.  it is called "ernie gets crunk."  lol.

ok, ok. here is a real clip from the show. i LOVED watching these two.  i remember thinking linoleum was the coolest word ever.  how do i still remember the words to this song after 20 years?!

as an educator, this is one of the few shows that i would allow my students to watch.  it actually uses proven methods for literacy aquisition.  how else would you ever get a kid interested in the word linoleum.  long live sesame street (minus elmo).

Thursday, January 1, 2009

the year

best things about 08:
  • early jan: adopting lilah the cat
  • feb 16: getting engaged to my best friend
  • august: the olympics
  • late august: moving downtown
  • dec 24: new computer
  • may: not getting pink-slipped (even though i was low man on the totem pole)
  • fall: BLC started
  • november: campaign season finally over
  • july: seeing jack johnson in concert (one of the things on my life's to-do list)
  • june: riding the updated "it's a small world" @ disney world

i'm sure i will think of more things.  and yes, i realize this list isn't in chronological order and it's driving me crazy.  but i'm trying to not let it bother me....much.

7 things

i was tagged by my pal, jen, to do a "7 things" blog that tells 7 things people might not know about me.  
  1. i love making lists.  of everything.  seriously, look back through my blog and see how many bulleted lists i made.  i also really need to have the items in a list in ABC order.

  2. i have an order for grocery shopping, which includes an order for how things go up on the conveyor belt.  it actually makes my life easier.  (eg: all cold things go first, so they will have more time in the bag so they won't spoil)
  3. i have gone to my church for its entire life.  i know many people who have gone to the same church for their whole life, but not many who have gone to a church for the church's whole life.
  4. i think the world's greatest invention is the internet.
  5. i actually like ryan seacrest (not romantically, but the work that he does).
  6. i own no orange clothes.
  7. 97% of the music i listen to is from male artists.
i tag the following people:

"08" (2008 in quotes)

here is espn's absurd sports quotes from 08.  a few of my favorites:

25. "Then why are you covering the [Washington] Nationals?"

Speaker: Presidential candidate Ralph Nader
Context: Nader to The Washington Post, after the paper decided not to cover his presidential bid because he had no chance of winning.
Absurd because: Come to think of it, this quote makes perfect sense.
Numerical score: 0

(blogger's note: agreed.  and the nationals are actually just made up of the reds' sloppy 2nds)

6. "I think they do it to look good in the lobby in their three-piece suit."

Speaker: Roger Clemens
Context: The Rocket explaining why athletes use performance-enhancing drugs in the first place.
Absurd because: Clemens wore a two-piece suit to subsequent Capitol Hill steroids hearings ... thereby proving his innocence!
Numerical score: 90

(blogger's note: you are a ridiculous person.  my kindergarteners have more common sense than you do.  you are a disgrace to baseball...not only b/c you broke the rules, but b/c you thought you were ABOVE the rules.  i wish you would get pulled over for speeding and land in jail.  plus, you are greasy.  that is all.)

baseball 08--strange but true

here is a column from one of my favorite baseball writers (jayson stark).  he writes about all of the strange things that happened during the 08 baseball season.  this includes a game that took 4 months to play.

the most interesting detail involves ken griffey jr.  on april 28th, he was still with the reds.  also on that day, the white sox (his future and current team) started a game that wasn't finished for several months (due to weather and scheduling).  griffey was traded during the 4 month lull.  he ended up playing for the white sox to finish out the game, but since the game had started on april 28th, it went in the books as an april 28th game.  therefore, according to the stats, he played games for two different teams on the same day.  

check out what espn had to do to make the computer accept this.

95 days til opening day :)