Thursday, January 1, 2009

"08" (2008 in quotes)

here is espn's absurd sports quotes from 08.  a few of my favorites:

25. "Then why are you covering the [Washington] Nationals?"

Speaker: Presidential candidate Ralph Nader
Context: Nader to The Washington Post, after the paper decided not to cover his presidential bid because he had no chance of winning.
Absurd because: Come to think of it, this quote makes perfect sense.
Numerical score: 0

(blogger's note: agreed.  and the nationals are actually just made up of the reds' sloppy 2nds)

6. "I think they do it to look good in the lobby in their three-piece suit."

Speaker: Roger Clemens
Context: The Rocket explaining why athletes use performance-enhancing drugs in the first place.
Absurd because: Clemens wore a two-piece suit to subsequent Capitol Hill steroids hearings ... thereby proving his innocence!
Numerical score: 90

(blogger's note: you are a ridiculous person.  my kindergarteners have more common sense than you do.  you are a disgrace to baseball...not only b/c you broke the rules, but b/c you thought you were ABOVE the rules.  i wish you would get pulled over for speeding and land in jail.  plus, you are greasy.  that is all.)

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