Thursday, January 1, 2009

baseball 08--strange but true

here is a column from one of my favorite baseball writers (jayson stark).  he writes about all of the strange things that happened during the 08 baseball season.  this includes a game that took 4 months to play.

the most interesting detail involves ken griffey jr.  on april 28th, he was still with the reds.  also on that day, the white sox (his future and current team) started a game that wasn't finished for several months (due to weather and scheduling).  griffey was traded during the 4 month lull.  he ended up playing for the white sox to finish out the game, but since the game had started on april 28th, it went in the books as an april 28th game.  therefore, according to the stats, he played games for two different teams on the same day.  

check out what espn had to do to make the computer accept this.

95 days til opening day :)

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