Tuesday, April 22, 2008

guster "satellite"

Shining like a work of art
Hanging on a wall of stars
Are you what I think you are?

You're my satellite
You're riding with me tonight
Passenger side, lighting the sky
Always the first star that I find
You're my satellite

Elevator to the moon
Whistling a favorite tune
Trying to get a closer view

You're my satellite
You're riding with me tonight
Passenger side, lighting the sky
Always the first star that I find
You're my satellite

Maybe you will always be
Just a little out of reach

You're my satellite
You're riding with me tonight
Passenger side, lighting the sky
Always the first star that I find
You're my satellite
You're my satellite

back to school, back to school

hooray. back to school today.

new york on friday.

gotta love 3 day weeks.

HAPPY EARTH DAY!!! (links to follow after school).

Saturday, April 19, 2008

7 on sunday, vol 3

here's an interesting topic from a few weeks ago

places you'd take a tourist* in your hometown:
  1. triangle park -- hands down, favorite place in the world of all time
  2. keeneland -- to include tailgating
  3. putt-putting @ the ice center. then a snowcone afterwards
  4. ale8 factory. winchester is NOT lexington, but this is my mecca
  5. richmond rd fazoli's
  6. KY theater
  7. joe b's
*i am super anti-tourist in lexington. yes, i know they contribute to our economy, but get the hell off the road, quit clogging up target, and yes, no one actually goes 55mph on new circle.

** yes, i know there is some place i'm leaving off, but it's late and i'm sick.


strep throat. i mean...honestly.

fever et. al. what a way to ruin a weekend.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

7 on sunday, vol 2

7 favorite actors/actresses:
  1. kate winslet - not afraid of her body
  2. morgan freeman - best voice ever
  3. tom hanks - so friendly and unique
  4. mandy moore - not cookie cutter
  5. julie andrews - classic
  6. joaquin phoenix
  7. dakota fanning

7 on sunday, vol 1

(stolen from Ten on Tuesday. i'm always too busy during the week to keep up with it)

Seven Things You'd Fix in your Home (if you had time + money):
  1. get a gorgeous dresser
  2. paint bedroom wall
  3. install a wall of bookcases from ikea
  4. fence around the patio
  5. outdoor storage space
  6. gas fireplace
  7. dvr (not something to fix...something to get)

L.O.V.E. I.K.E.A

OMG. how have i not been to this store before now? i am officially an IKEA junkie. i was fortunate enough to go to the new northern cincy store yesterday and it is BRILLIANT. anytime anyone wants to go, please let me know.

here is a mere sampling of the things i bought yesterday: (had it not been for space limitations in my dad's car, you'd better believe i would've bought a ton more)


these heels were made for....

like cameron, i also bought new shoes recently. mmm mmm good. i couldn't find the actual picture online, but they are closest to the shoes on the far left. i got them from the bitten line and they are exquisite.

perhaps we can take our new shoes out, cameron?

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


i love love love reducing, reusing, and recycling. i stumbled upon this website tonight and am so interested! instead of throwing out crap, people are offering it to those in their local communities. kind of like the "free to a good home" ads of yesteryear.

here is a link to other such sites. although, the freecycle one is my favorite so far.

(kinda lame...but the best i could do on youtube tonight)

on a related note, i am in need of a dresser. gently used...lime green...blah brown...missing handles...doesn't matter. my poor t-shirts just need a place to live. anyone? bueller?

c'est possible

could it be?
i am thisclose to being done with ktip.

VIP drinks on me thursday night (or maybe friday)

Monday, April 7, 2008

controversy de la chinese

as i awoke this morning, CNN was showing live coverage of the olympic torch relay in paris. it seems people are trying to extinguish the flame b/c they are upset with china's bitchiness towards tibet. i'm not much into world politics...in fact i know nothing about this particular issue. but in some weird way, i felt kind of proud that people would stand up like this.

i am a very cheesy person sometimes and seeing people stand up for what they believe in makes me a little verklempt. and the pictures of the people who scaled the golden gate bridge to hang a sign were wicked crazy.

as an aside, i absolutely LOVE the olympics...politics aside. i love the pomp and patriotic-ity and the human interest stories and just everything about it. it is a dream to go to the olympics one day...as a spectator, of course. although i feel i could maybe do this with general ease.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

run, fatboy, run

my dear friend, erica, and i went to the matinee showing of run, fatboy, run today at regal. this movie is freaking hilarious and heartwarming. it runs along the lines of juno and little miss sunshine, but i LdOL at the other movies more than this one. i would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a good story.
next on the movie list is 21. anyone interested?
now, back to KTIP.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

on the road again

greetings from the road! we have internet at our hotel in cleveland. here are a few highlights from our trip so far.
  • a glorious lunch at wendy's
  • 90s sing-along
  • catching the bus by a nose.
  • "um...what do i do, then?"
  • honey brown at the stadium
  • nacho cheese waffle fries
  • blind pig -- sing along and free beer
  • losing our way back to the bus
  • interesting bus ride back through the heart of cleveland at night

today, we are travelling to chicago. we have no game today so we are going to soak in some of the sights. au revoir, friends.

PS: friday night, i'm going to the 80s dance party at the dame. then, keeneland on saturday.

PPS: RIP mr. wildcat

PPPS: dang you, darren horn.