Monday, April 7, 2008

controversy de la chinese

as i awoke this morning, CNN was showing live coverage of the olympic torch relay in paris. it seems people are trying to extinguish the flame b/c they are upset with china's bitchiness towards tibet. i'm not much into world fact i know nothing about this particular issue. but in some weird way, i felt kind of proud that people would stand up like this.

i am a very cheesy person sometimes and seeing people stand up for what they believe in makes me a little verklempt. and the pictures of the people who scaled the golden gate bridge to hang a sign were wicked crazy.

as an aside, i absolutely LOVE the olympics...politics aside. i love the pomp and patriotic-ity and the human interest stories and just everything about it. it is a dream to go to the olympics one a spectator, of course. although i feel i could maybe do this with general ease.

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Sarah said...

I saw a similar cap on ESPN today. Even those crazy people on the GGB. I was trying to keep up with what they were protesting, but I agree that peeps speaking their mind or sticking up for what they believe (as long as they're not being violent) is empowering.