Saturday, April 19, 2008

7 on sunday, vol 3

here's an interesting topic from a few weeks ago

places you'd take a tourist* in your hometown:
  1. triangle park -- hands down, favorite place in the world of all time
  2. keeneland -- to include tailgating
  3. putt-putting @ the ice center. then a snowcone afterwards
  4. ale8 factory. winchester is NOT lexington, but this is my mecca
  5. richmond rd fazoli's
  6. KY theater
  7. joe b's
*i am super anti-tourist in lexington. yes, i know they contribute to our economy, but get the hell off the road, quit clogging up target, and yes, no one actually goes 55mph on new circle.

** yes, i know there is some place i'm leaving off, but it's late and i'm sick.

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