Tuesday, April 1, 2008

on the road again

greetings from the road! we have internet at our hotel in cleveland. here are a few highlights from our trip so far.
  • a glorious lunch at wendy's
  • 90s sing-along
  • catching the bus by a nose.
  • "um...what do i do, then?"
  • honey brown at the stadium
  • nacho cheese waffle fries
  • blind pig -- sing along and free beer
  • losing our way back to the bus
  • interesting bus ride back through the heart of cleveland at night

today, we are travelling to chicago. we have no game today so we are going to soak in some of the sights. au revoir, friends.

PS: friday night, i'm going to the 80s dance party at the dame. then, keeneland on saturday.

PPS: RIP mr. wildcat

PPPS: dang you, darren horn.


ktuttle said...

It sounds like you're having fun. I'm sorry I missed the 90's sing along - and any of the events that had to with food. :)

ktuttle said...

Okay - that had to DO with food. Ahh, the dangers of publishing without previewing.

Also, let's go to Fazoli's again soon. They are probably missing us. Again, food.