Saturday, May 31, 2008

i'm a miranda

SATC was amazing.


  1. i literally held my breath when steve told miranda he had cheated.

  2. brady and lily are adorable

  3. i never saw samantha settling down, so i wasn't surprised by that

  4. i don't think charlotte's character was developed enough in the movie. i know she was always the bubbly one, but honestly...

  5. i LOVE the closet

  6. didn't stanford and anthony despise each other?

  7. jennifer hudson did a marvelous job as louise.
  8. can't wait for the sequel.

by the way

slow down
slow down you're moving too fast
--ray lamontagne

i cannot believe the school year is already over. it seems like we just started. my students came so far this year...but there is still so much i would have loved to have taught them. i can't wait to see their prom pictures and their smiles on their graduation days.

i will have many more classes to come, but this class will always hold a special place in my heart.

last night, i slept 16 hours straight. i think i was past exhaustion and woke up at 4pm today wondering where the hell i was. i went to waffle house for breakfast (late bird's special?) and spent the rest of the day "nesting". every once in a while, i get this urge to clean things. erica and i call it "nesting" before our boys come home.

here is what i have done since my late start:
  • changed tea lights in the candles
  • vacuumed all 730 square feet of the apartment
  • loaded/unloaded dishwasher
  • handwashed about 15 dishes
  • cleaned kitchen floor (on my hands and knees)
  • changed lilah's litter/eating area
  • washed sheets
  • washed towels/robes
  • went through closet and got rid of a TON of stuff
  • taken out the trash 5 times
  • went through fridge, cabinets, and freezer (YUCK). i have a habit of forgetting about food.
  • unpacked from last day of school
  • sorted mail
  • washed trashcans
  • de-cluttered nightstand
  • endorsed checks
  • cleaned out 4 purses
  • swept front porch
  • cleaned out vacuum
  • dusted
  • watched most of the reds game
  • made new itunes playlist
  • made icea tea
  • went to cvs for prescription, asst other things
  • declogged garbage sink thing
  • put away last of the holiday stuff.
  • hung some pictures
  • talked to erica, mom, dad, chris
  • played with lilah
  • sorted cleaning products
  • showered, shaved

would YOU be this productive in 7 hours?

On another note, chris is on his way home right NOW! i am so excited. i haven't seen him since early april and it's about time. we are going to disney with my family on thursday and will be back next wednesday. hooray!!!!

Friday, May 23, 2008


i was scared
i was scared
tired and underprepared
those lines perfectly describe my day. due to legal issues, i am not allowed to go into much detail, but let's just say that today is the first day i've ever really cried at school. most of my students have tragic stories, but today's events took the cake.
please, for the love of everything, wear a condom...get "fixed" something. don't bring a child into this world and then leave it.
off to drink the day's events away w/ loverfern.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

10 on tuesday

10 things you are really good at (in no order):
  1. playing cards...especially hand & foot
  2. drinking beer
  3. scoring a baseball game
  4. playing the piano
  5. making a decision quickly
  6. teaching
  7. driving
  8. cutting produce
  9. walking in heels
  10. remembering song lyrics

ceremony sites?

i found the perfect reception site, but now i am unable to use my original ceremony site.

i am in need of suggestions within the immediate downtown area. i know there are tons of churches -- but here are the parameters:

  1. must have a center aisle
  2. must allow an "outside" person to perform the ceremony
  3. does NOT have to be a church.
  4. little to no fee
  5. inside/outside doesn't matter
  6. be able to accommodate 150-225 guests

any ideas?

Sunday, May 18, 2008

juno thoughts

this was my favorite movie of 2007. this song makes me so very happy.

while reading about it, i came upon a discussion on whether this movie was pro-choice or pro-life. after much careful thought, i think it depends on which character's viewpoint you are thinking from.

looking at it from juno's viewpoint, i can see how it could be both. although she seems very "liberal" (in a very liberal interpretation of that word), she took the time to find a caring family for her eggo. but she also called PP to see about a "hasty abortion". what an intriguing topic to debate...for once.

my thoughts on this are still simmering. thoughts?

i am not dead. just taking a break from most things in my life. re-evaluating, if you will.
wedding planning, getting ready for the end of the school year, spring cleaning, traveling (like always), and teaching lilah to walk on a leash.

i have no new pictures to post b/c my camera is all but done for.

however, i would like to note that i CALLED the winner of ANTM from the first episode of this cycle. i think that successfully defends my dissertation.

hope to blog more in the coming days/weeks.