Tuesday, July 22, 2008

estelle getty (sophia petrillo)

i was saddened this afternoon to read that estelle getty had died. she played one of my favorite tv characters, sophia on "golden girls."

like most of us, i grew up watching that show and often catch myself watching it on lifetime while falling asleep at night. RIP estelle.

two examples of sophia's wit:
Sophia: These are FRITOS, Dorothy. What do you want me to do, swallow them whole?

Dorothy: We're here to pay for a funeral.
Mr. Pfeiffer: Oh, isn't that nice, the three of you planning ahead for mother.
Sophia: [walks a little bit closer] Hey Puh-feiffer, how would you like a punch in your puh-face?

Monday, July 21, 2008

split screen sadness

Here's what I've learned about dogs: They're a lot like pretty girls. Having one or two around makes everything more fun, but when you get a whole bunch together, it turns into one big power struggle. --Scott Westerfield--

Canvassing my past and present friend history, I notice I have had many girl acquaintances, but few girl friends. Girls tend to always be judging and we exhaust ourselves trying to be the cutest or best.

It's true I would rather work alone than in a group, but this does not always ring true in relationships. There is only so much you can clean or organize before you start to wish you had a gaggle of girls to share funny times with.

I always seemed to find myself in a horde of girls...whether it be on a softball team, on friday nights in high school, or in my sorority in college. However, I often caught myself with low self-esteem and feeling as if I was a lone reed. I am quite shy when it comes to new people and am not very good at breaking the ice. This probably makes me appear hoity at times, but I assure you, the opposite is true.

Even in 2008, I often find myself feeling this way. Even with the world at my feet...wonderful fiance, job that I love, etc...I feel a lack of true connection. I get so pissed at myself for pushing people away, only to feel lonely. Oh, self. You stink sometimes!

Does anyone else ever feel this way or sabotage themselves?

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

i'm on pins & needles

one of my favorite shows begins its 5th season tomorrow night...PROJECT RUNWAY.
i adore tim gunn's accent, heidi's hair, and the music played during runway shows. i do not adore michael kors' monochromatic palette, nina garcia's snootiness, or wendy pepper.

i got into project runway near the end of the 1st season. since then, there have been a veritable scope of designers that have catwalked their way into fashion infamy.

my favorite designers have been: nick verreos, daniel vosovic, and kevin christiana. i also enjoyed watching santino, christian, and jeffrey piss people off :) i would most want to be friends with chris marsh because he is so freaking peppy.

watch what happens.

j. hamilton

as i'm sure most of you have heard, josh hamilton became a "breakout star" last night at yankee stadium by blasting 28 home runs in the first round of the home-run derby.

i think i am one of the few baseball fans left in the lexington area...especially one that DVRs baseball tonight, reads 3+ baseball blogs a day, and knows the names and histories of all baseball broadcasters and most reds since 1990.

hamilton's story is one for hollywood or hemingway. he overcame addiction and came out the hero of the bronx.

i can say, with authority, that i saw this coming. i saw it coming during the lazy days last season, when i got the hamilton jersey for my birthday. the day hamilton was traded for volquez was the second saddest day in my personal baseball history (the day casey was traded made me cry).

the one thing i can't stand, though, is all of the bandwagon people. one look through google blogs today points to tons of new posts about being a hamilton "fan". where were you when he was on the reds? where were you when he was on the DL twice last year? where were you when he was first traded to the rangers? oh, that's right, you were doubting his abilities and his story. or you were too busy jumping on (and then off) the rays bandwagon.

i wear my hamilton jersey regularly with pride...even on off days. (**note: i would wear my casey jersey if it still fit :/ ...thanks college**). i couldn't be happier about his sudden rise as a "breakout star" among the many hamilton "fans". however, to me, the true fans are those that were there through the entire process. i am very proud the reds were the ones that offered him the fresh start.

it's obvious i have some sort of issue about bandwagon people. does anyone else get irritated when they hear people extoling the virtues of people you have long known about?

Thursday, July 10, 2008

5 months later...


june 5, 2009
talon winery

hooray! now the real planning can begin.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


this interesting quote comes from joe posnanski -- a sports writer whose blog i frequent:

Another new word: Pixifood.

This is the kind of food that tastes absolutely delicious when you are young but is shockingly disgusting when you become an adult. It is named, of course, after Pixie Sticks, which I recall tasting a bit like heaven when I was 9 and now, I realize, is like pouring sugar down your throat. The idea alone makes me a bit ill. I don’t know if funnel cakes are a pixifood. I think Cookie Crisp cereal is a pixifood (but Cocoa Pebbles holds up quite nicely).

I think Chef Boyardee’s mini ravioli may be a pixifood. I lived on that stuff and a few weeks ago I had some for the first time in years, it was gross, tasted like rolled up mud balls or something.

i can think of several foods that could be considered a pixifood: m&m's, fish sticks, that candy gel stuff, lifesavers, tootsie pops, spaghetti-Os, raisins, butter, sugar packets...

what are your pixifoods?

Monday, July 7, 2008

downtown girl?

my lease is up at the end of august and i am searching for a new place to call home. since i work downtown, it only makes sense for me to live closer to downtown.

i found the CUTEST little 1BR apartment in gratz park.

pros: it's within my budget. i could walk/ride my bike to work. it's near the bars so i could walk home if needed. rarely have to drive anywhere. not scary neighborhood. can take lilah with me. unique architecture. hardwood floors.

cons: further from meijer. no roommates. no dishwasher.

does anyone have any advice about living in downtown?

Sunday, July 6, 2008


happy bday to me. gosh -- i'm getting old.

we're going to shamrock's tonight around 8. come one, come all, and bring your A game!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

independence day

tomorrow marks my FAVORITE holiday of the year: the 4th of july

i love the patriotism. i love the colors. i love the food. i love the random trinkets/housewares at kohl's/garden ridge/target. i love the block parties. i love the fireworks. i love the olympic spirit. i love the day off. i love the month. i love 4th of july baseball games. i love it all.
tomorrow, the lexington parade is at 2 and the fireworks are at 10. i'm sure there is lots of stuff to get into in between :)

happy birthday, america!