Monday, July 7, 2008

downtown girl?

my lease is up at the end of august and i am searching for a new place to call home. since i work downtown, it only makes sense for me to live closer to downtown.

i found the CUTEST little 1BR apartment in gratz park.

pros: it's within my budget. i could walk/ride my bike to work. it's near the bars so i could walk home if needed. rarely have to drive anywhere. not scary neighborhood. can take lilah with me. unique architecture. hardwood floors.

cons: further from meijer. no roommates. no dishwasher.

does anyone have any advice about living in downtown?


Jennifer said...

I think the pros WAY overcome the cons in this situation...Sounds like a great place! Gratz Park is too stinkin cute!

The Tabbs said...

Well if you can fit all your stuff in a 1BR enjoy it now, because once you're married it won't fit and you'll have to pay way more for another bedroom.

PS--When you're married 2 bathrooms is a LIFESAVER if you can afford it

The Colonel said...

Let's address your cons:

1. Shop somewhere other than Meijer.

2. Paper plates, plastic cups, plastic forks/spoons!


The Colonel said...

Don't have the Farmers Market there every Saturday.

Mrs. Needham said...

Micah and I always lived downtown (Louisville) before we were married. It's way more fun than any stinkin' complex would ever be.
I'd LOVE to help decorate so just give me a call when your ready :-)