Tuesday, July 8, 2008


this interesting quote comes from joe posnanski -- a sports writer whose blog i frequent:

Another new word: Pixifood.

This is the kind of food that tastes absolutely delicious when you are young but is shockingly disgusting when you become an adult. It is named, of course, after Pixie Sticks, which I recall tasting a bit like heaven when I was 9 and now, I realize, is like pouring sugar down your throat. The idea alone makes me a bit ill. I don’t know if funnel cakes are a pixifood. I think Cookie Crisp cereal is a pixifood (but Cocoa Pebbles holds up quite nicely).

I think Chef Boyardee’s mini ravioli may be a pixifood. I lived on that stuff and a few weeks ago I had some for the first time in years, it was gross, tasted like rolled up mud balls or something.

i can think of several foods that could be considered a pixifood: m&m's, fish sticks, that candy gel stuff, lifesavers, tootsie pops, spaghetti-Os, raisins, butter, sugar packets...

what are your pixifoods?


Maria said...

Nestle Crunch, Reese's Peanut Butter Puffs cereal, Brown sugar cinnamon poptarts, the Chef Boyardee ravioli (I second Joe on that), fish sticks (I second you) tootsie rolls, Flinstone vitamins (not really a food).

Patrick said...

Lifesavers???!!!! Lifesavers are still awesome! You have no soul!!

Kerry said...

You are both WRONG about the ravioli! And brown sugar pop tarts ain't bad either. But I also love White Castle, so my standards are low. :)