Wednesday, December 31, 2008

bonne année (2009)

the year of the wedding.  the year of the move.  the year of the reds winning.  the year of the ox.  the year of incandescent lightbulbs being banned in ireland & new zealand.  the year of barack.  the year of a total solar eclipse.  

the year of change.  enjoy it.

the hills were alive...

i ADORE the movie "the sound of music".  i could watch julie andrews cavort about in any movie, but this one is one of the best.  

i found this interesting article about the true von trapp family, and as is the case for most movie adaptations, true life was quite different than what was portrayed @ the multiplex.

do yourself a favor and sing along.  the perfect way to start a new year.

le sigh.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


this is an ode to my favorite kitchen thing, the (silicone) spatula:

oh spatula, you are so helpful.
you get every last bit of food out of the bowl.

oh spatula, you are so strong.
you can even help mix tacos.

oh spatula, you are so noble.
you help with my need for a clean sink.

oh spatula, you are so loyal.
you are my best kitchen friend.

hi, i'm a mac (user)

so i broke down last week and bought a new computer.  not just any computer, though, i got the new macbook.  i am not one who spends money easily (or much at ALL), but my old desktop was going on 6 years old and was laboring.

after about 6 months of consideration, i decided to make the switch to mac.  while i am still trying to figure everything out, here are a few details i have grown to love:
  • backlit keyboard
  • streamlined, easy to understand tabs
  • voice commands
  • dashboard
  • the ease of iChatting
  • iCal colors
there are still lots of places i haven't ventured into.  i really want to get the true experience of my new buddy.  

any tips for a new mac user??

Saturday, December 27, 2008

hot stove game

check out this site to see how good you are at naming all 30 MLB teams in 3 minutes.  

i got 29/30.
and yes, this is what baseball fans do for fun in the offseason.

in other news...

to update my medical condition:

my last period was just horrific.  i was not allowed to start the pill until after the period, so i had to live with unbelievable pain in my side.  thankfully, it ended, so i have begun the hormones/pill.  i can't really tell if it's working yet until a few months in. but so far, so good.

it's tricky getting used to taking something at the same time...everyday.  does anyone have any good tips/tricks they use to make sure they keep on schedule?

here i am

do not abandon hope....all ye who click to here.
i have not died.
i have neglected my blog.

but fear not, i have the solution.
i am currently blogging from the comfort of my couch, although i could choose to blog from the kitchen, bed, or nearby starbucks.

why, say you?
because i am blogging from my very new, very first MACBOOK!  yes.  i actually went out and spent some money on something and i LOVE it.

i got the newest macbook (with the backlit keyboard).  i am still learning how to make the switch from PC to mac, but so far, so good.  my good pal erica recently got one too, so i'm hoping to learn a bit from her.

until then, cheers from the couch!