Tuesday, December 30, 2008

hi, i'm a mac (user)

so i broke down last week and bought a new computer.  not just any computer, though, i got the new macbook.  i am not one who spends money easily (or much at ALL), but my old desktop was going on 6 years old and was laboring.

after about 6 months of consideration, i decided to make the switch to mac.  while i am still trying to figure everything out, here are a few details i have grown to love:
  • backlit keyboard
  • streamlined, easy to understand tabs
  • voice commands
  • dashboard
  • the ease of iChatting
  • iCal colors
there are still lots of places i haven't ventured into.  i really want to get the true experience of my new buddy.  

any tips for a new mac user??

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