Sunday, December 16, 2007

new JM song

i love john mayer. saw him in concert. got the t-shirt.

that being said, he has a new song out, "say". i have listened to it 6 times in a row.

if you're into this type of stuff, it's worth multiple listens.

this song is in the movie "the bucket list, " which i will be seeing. morgan freeman + a new JM song? i'm there.

the office -- hot in herre

sigh. i miss them.


a special "hi there, hello" to my good friend, kerry. rumor has it she moseys around these parts from time to time.

she is originally from cynthiana. moved to the big city. loves fast food. is an aunt. and is one of the best people i have ever known. she is the best listener and is super hot. she loves the office and does a wonderful pam beesley impersonation every day at her job.

she slaves all day at her desk with nary a new blog post from anyone. feast away, dear BCG, feast away :)

and it burns burns burns, the ring of fire...

this story recently ran about a boy getting suspended for throwing a crayon at his teacher. while this might not seem like a consequential thing, to me, it got me riled up. was just a crayon. i'm sure hundreds of crayons are thrown across the country every day.

what got me upset was the fact that this boy and his mother were parading around all the news channels playing the victim role. "oh my son...he's so good. he didn't mean it." sure. come talk to me when a teacher gets arrested for holding down a student about to freak out. come talk to me when it would be okay for ME to throw a crayon at YOUR son.

after being an official teacher for half of a year now, i am utterly surprised at the lack of responsibility people take for their actions these days. it is no longer anyone's fault.

actually, it is the TEACHER'S "fault" for not teaching the kid right from wrong. it's the government's" fault" for patrolling the neighborhood. whatever happened to personal responsibility and common decency during childhood? act a fool around your 5 year old now and that is all they will ever think of you.

it literally breaks my heart some days...

antm hall of fame

ria and i had talked about this recently, so here are my antm all-star awards:

**favorite model (all-time):

  1. renee -- gorgeous eyes, skin, and son. she was a bit abrasive at the beginning, but i think she acted how i would act if i had to be around some of those girls every day

  2. caridee -- love her final few pictures.

  3. joanie -- her picture as a housewife (in a green dress) is my favorite antm picture to date.

**honorable mention: naima (she had a calming energy about her). i realize all of these are blonde models...but they took the most AMAZING and intriguing pictures during their cycles (and that doesn't mean while they were on their periods)

**least favorite model (all-time):

  1. gina -- everything about her pisses me off

  2. brittany (cycle 8) -- she whined about EVERYTHING, esp her gross weave and australian go-sees.

  3. sara (cycle 6) -- her mouth is too puffy and her hair was just wrong.
these might be surprising picks b/c jade, jael, and others aren't on here. i can at least stand the other ones...these three...i would rather watch hannah montana than them.

**favorite judge (all-time):

  1. duh...nigel barker. as if that was even a question. he is too gorgeous for words.

  2. jay manuel. he does a fantastic job as art director of the photo shoots. i wish tyra would let him judge more often.

**least favorite judge (all-time):
  1. nole marin -- he had nothing constructive to say. he reminds me of a little gopher.

**favorite cycle (all-time):
  1. cycle 4. i liked most of the people on this cycle and the photo shoots were interesting. i loved their south african location and, also, the shoot with the kids.

  2. cycle 3. i love when they go to tokyo.

**least favorite cycle (all-time):
  1. duh. i love them all.

**best moments in ANTM history:

  1. when chantal trips during the final runway show

  2. when ann & eva write in cassie's brownies with a knife

  3. the look on renee's face when natasha is talking to her "husband" on the phone

starting next cycle (sometime in feb) i will be dissecting each episode. can't wait! so, if you know how to smile with your eyes (gag me now), please keep checking back in early 08. i think that'll do it for now. i'm sure there will be more thoughts to post later. any thoughts? agreements...disagreements?

Saturday, December 15, 2007

jingle bell rock

i had the most exquisite time last night. the gang went to chipotle for dinner and merriment ensued.

we went to the xroads xmas party and it was a DE-LIGHT. not only were (nearly) all of my favorite people there...there was hot chocolate, singing, and even the rice parents showed up.
after attending a holiday party, the most logical thing to do would (of course) go to target.

it's been well documented that the 4th of july is my favorite holiday, but second place is beginning to look a lot like christmas.

Thursday, December 13, 2007


it's official. maria and i are AMAZING guessers. this was the easiest top model to guess yet. i had a feeling ever since the makeover episode that it was going to be saleisha. here are my thoughts from this season:

  • i agree with the choice of ANTM
  • tyra needs to be stopped...immediately
  • the last photo shoot nigel did was very poorly shot and the photos were of v. bad quality
  • my favorite shot was probably the recyclable material one and my favorite shot was of jenah doing the recyclable cardboard.
  • my favorite ANTM ever was caridee.
  • jaslene's covergirl commercials are PAINFUL to watch.

you wanna be on top? (model) top? (model) top? (model)

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

where did you, where did you go-go-go

sorry i've been MIA lately. the end of the semester just crept up on me and it's hard to believe it's nearly christmas. here are a few quick hits from the last few weeks:

*i've been without a debit card for 3.5 weeks now b/c mastercard is dumb
*attended a PD with Dr. Jean in Louisville. if you are a teacher, you need to research her b/c her stuff is amazing
*slowly but surely working on christmas gifts.
*completed my first cycle of KTIP. glory hallelujah. only 2 cycles to go :\

i hope to be able to post more often now that my first cycle is done. chris is coming home december 20th :) happy holidays to all.

now i must research hanukkah and kwanzaa so i can teach about christmas.