Sunday, December 16, 2007


a special "hi there, hello" to my good friend, kerry. rumor has it she moseys around these parts from time to time.

she is originally from cynthiana. moved to the big city. loves fast food. is an aunt. and is one of the best people i have ever known. she is the best listener and is super hot. she loves the office and does a wonderful pam beesley impersonation every day at her job.

she slaves all day at her desk with nary a new blog post from anyone. feast away, dear BCG, feast away :)

1 comment:

ktuttle said...

Ahhh - so I did wear overalls at one point, thanks for the reminder.

And come on, I am like Pam 6.0. :)

PS - I'm embarrassed by how long it has taken me to actually get this to post. Knock me back to 2.0.