Sunday, December 16, 2007

antm hall of fame

ria and i had talked about this recently, so here are my antm all-star awards:

**favorite model (all-time):

  1. renee -- gorgeous eyes, skin, and son. she was a bit abrasive at the beginning, but i think she acted how i would act if i had to be around some of those girls every day

  2. caridee -- love her final few pictures.

  3. joanie -- her picture as a housewife (in a green dress) is my favorite antm picture to date.

**honorable mention: naima (she had a calming energy about her). i realize all of these are blonde models...but they took the most AMAZING and intriguing pictures during their cycles (and that doesn't mean while they were on their periods)

**least favorite model (all-time):

  1. gina -- everything about her pisses me off

  2. brittany (cycle 8) -- she whined about EVERYTHING, esp her gross weave and australian go-sees.

  3. sara (cycle 6) -- her mouth is too puffy and her hair was just wrong.
these might be surprising picks b/c jade, jael, and others aren't on here. i can at least stand the other ones...these three...i would rather watch hannah montana than them.

**favorite judge (all-time):

  1. duh...nigel barker. as if that was even a question. he is too gorgeous for words.

  2. jay manuel. he does a fantastic job as art director of the photo shoots. i wish tyra would let him judge more often.

**least favorite judge (all-time):
  1. nole marin -- he had nothing constructive to say. he reminds me of a little gopher.

**favorite cycle (all-time):
  1. cycle 4. i liked most of the people on this cycle and the photo shoots were interesting. i loved their south african location and, also, the shoot with the kids.

  2. cycle 3. i love when they go to tokyo.

**least favorite cycle (all-time):
  1. duh. i love them all.

**best moments in ANTM history:

  1. when chantal trips during the final runway show

  2. when ann & eva write in cassie's brownies with a knife

  3. the look on renee's face when natasha is talking to her "husband" on the phone

starting next cycle (sometime in feb) i will be dissecting each episode. can't wait! so, if you know how to smile with your eyes (gag me now), please keep checking back in early 08. i think that'll do it for now. i'm sure there will be more thoughts to post later. any thoughts? agreements...disagreements?

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Sara Jane said...

I LOVE ANTM! I agree with a lot of your comments. After all the drama with Saleisha this season, I'm not too trusting of Tyra... Feb. 21st is the new season! I can't wait to see Nigel again!