Tuesday, December 11, 2007

where did you, where did you go-go-go

sorry i've been MIA lately. the end of the semester just crept up on me and it's hard to believe it's nearly christmas. here are a few quick hits from the last few weeks:

*i've been without a debit card for 3.5 weeks now b/c mastercard is dumb
*attended a PD with Dr. Jean in Louisville. if you are a teacher, you need to research her b/c her stuff is amazing
*slowly but surely working on christmas gifts.
*completed my first cycle of KTIP. glory hallelujah. only 2 cycles to go :\

i hope to be able to post more often now that my first cycle is done. chris is coming home december 20th :) happy holidays to all.

now i must research hanukkah and kwanzaa so i can teach about christmas.

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Jennifer said...

Yay! Glad to see your back :)