Sunday, December 16, 2007

and it burns burns burns, the ring of fire...

this story recently ran about a boy getting suspended for throwing a crayon at his teacher. while this might not seem like a consequential thing, to me, it got me riled up. was just a crayon. i'm sure hundreds of crayons are thrown across the country every day.

what got me upset was the fact that this boy and his mother were parading around all the news channels playing the victim role. "oh my son...he's so good. he didn't mean it." sure. come talk to me when a teacher gets arrested for holding down a student about to freak out. come talk to me when it would be okay for ME to throw a crayon at YOUR son.

after being an official teacher for half of a year now, i am utterly surprised at the lack of responsibility people take for their actions these days. it is no longer anyone's fault.

actually, it is the TEACHER'S "fault" for not teaching the kid right from wrong. it's the government's" fault" for patrolling the neighborhood. whatever happened to personal responsibility and common decency during childhood? act a fool around your 5 year old now and that is all they will ever think of you.

it literally breaks my heart some days...

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