Monday, September 29, 2008

Nuptuals on the Net

Here is the link to our wedding website. It's still a work in progress, but I couldn't hold out any longer.

Chris & Emily

Browse around and let us know what you think.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

late summer playlist

here are a few songs that i have been listening to ad nauseum this month.

matt costa - wash away

coldplay - vida la vida

1, 2, 3, 4, 5

5 little monkeys

matt costa - whiskey & wine

"we're going antiquing!!! through the quad and up to the gymnasium"

i have an insane love of french country/antique/toile patterns and styling. i have been in lust for a small, girly, crystal chandelier for my bathroom for some time now. i have been unsuccessful in my search, thus far. i refuse to pay full price...and love unique finds at off-the-beaten-path type stores. yesterday, co-teacher extrordinare (allie) and i went off in search.

i will not tell what i got at these'll have to come visit to see!!

here is a breakdown of some stores:
  • room service (near winchester @ liberty): HUGE selection. weird stuff kind of, cool stuff kind of. i found out about this store from my parents. i got three things from here.
  • sofas and such (in the old buckhead restaurant regency rd): weird smell. weird selection. i got a set of 4 things from here, a set of 2 things, and one other thing. probably wouldn't go back.
  • habitat restore (southland dr. across from marikka's): closed @ 5
  • lowe's: not what i was looking for
  • walmart: got a quart of paint to finish the living room.
  • too expensive
  • ebay: not quite right

so there you have it. today will be filled with dispersing new items and painting 1/8 of a wall. also, showering and hanging out w/ ria somewhere.

couric interview

while i do not consider myself to be an overly political type, i found this interview quite interesting. i am not a fan of either woman, but i believe in educated national leaders.

don't get your panties in a twist...i'm sure there are many such videos on both sides of the scale. just thought it was very telling.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


today was the last day of the regular season; always a sad time in my life. my resplendent redlegs are out of the playoffs for an 18th straight year, but beisbol was good to me this year.

in honor of my favorite sport, i have created a "good/bad" list of things i like and don't like (excuse the lame's 11pm on a school night).

15 good things:

  1. 100 RBIs
  2. 6-4-3
  3. outfield assists
  4. baseball movies
  5. baseball books
  6. uniform pinstripes
  7. extra innings
  8. pitchers who can hit
  9. SCORING A GAME :) :)
  10. replay
  11. Jon Miller & Joe Morgan
  12. Brennamans
  13. Buster Olney & Peter Gammons
  14. backing up every play
  15. batting around

15 bad things:

  1. not running to first
  2. all-white home uniforms
  3. long pants to the ankles
  4. wasting pitchers for L/L, R/R matchups
  5. ol' leatherpants (aka: Jim Bowden)
  6. Sox vs Yanks ad nauseum
  7. corey patterson & adam dunn
  8. sac bunts with one out
  9. DH
  10. all-star voting
  11. cheerleaders
  12. "speeding up the game"
  13. new helmets w/ the slits
  14. the wave
  15. people who explain the rules wrong to others

i'm sure there are MANY MANY other things i could list. but i love beisbol and i can't wait until it starts again.


last weekend, chris surprised me by booking our honeymoon.

i gave him full reign over the travel plans and didn't really care where we went...north, south, warm, cold...etc.

we will be spending a week on okracoke island in the outer banks, NC. i am so very excited. i have been to outer banks before, but always stayed in condo-like locales.

this place is a private island with:
*our own private beach
*two story house
*hot tub
*outdoor shower
*private kayak
*hammock (the ONE THING i said i wanted for our honeymoon)
*etc etc etc

i was in steve & barry's when he called with the news. i was immediately brought to tears. it seems like the perfect place with the perfect person. i want to go this week!

upcoming travel

being in a long-distance relationship means one of us is always traveling. we have several trips lined up in the next 8 well as some tentative plans for after the wedding.

sept 22: dinner in frankfort w/ erica
oct 1: BLC dinner in winchester
october 9-12: chris in town for my cousin's wedding
nov 26-30: chris and i in philly for t'giving (at one of the groomsmen's houses)
dec 5-7: army/navy game in philly

feb 7-10: reading recovery conference in columbus (teacher thing)
feb 21: 100th night @ WP
may 23: WP graduation

chris will have 30-60 days of leave after graduation. we will be going on our honeymoon and settling in together. we don't know official dates yet, but we do know this much:

*BOLC II: 6 wks in either ft sill, OK or ft benning, GA
*BOLC III: 11.5 wks in ft lee, VA
*after that, we will get our official post. we can post at many places: 3 posts in germany, 1 in italy, or any major post in the US. (not sure about asia yet)

it's crazy to think about all of this actually happening, since we've been talking about it for so long. i can't wait to be together with chris every day. it will literally be a dream come true.

the weekend that was: sun

this busy little bee was not done yet!

on sunday, before church, i cleaned out my google reader and went through some of my DVR.

went to church at the andover campus (alone...since everyone was in g'town) and headed to g'town.

the bengals lost (surprise surprise), but there was lots of fun at the bennett household. it is SO nice to watch sports with actual fans. who know what an O-line is and why it matters. who can debate great position players and quote actual evidence.

after that, i came home and spruced up a bit. my parents came over and helped finish putting together my new kitchen island. eric stopped by also and we watched some of the SNF game.

i DVRd sunday night baseball and, then, i washed my hair (quite a feat, if you know me). while i would not consider myself a yankee fan, i am a baseball history fan. tonight is the final game at yankee stadium and i found myself a bit choked up at yogi's opening.

now, i'm watching the fantasy score updates, watching romo on SNF, and thinking of possible new kitten names.

what a lovely weekend. the only thing missing was him.

the weekend that was: sat

on saturday, this busy little bee was everywhere.

the dames and i went to the midway fall festival in the morning. there are all sorts of booths, vendors, and people watching to be found. the highlight was the "magic" show in the tent. this "magician" reminded me of a college professor--just loved to hear himself talk :)

i caught up on my google reader and caught lilah in the cutest nap position...splayed out on the loveseat. then, took a glorious 2 hour nap of my own.

i had dinner at fazoli's on campus and then headed over to CTK's oktoberfest. while it seemed to be middle school central, we found our way to the bingo tent and proceeded to suck at bingo. we finished up with some graeter's. ria and i shared a cup of cider sorbet. delish.

the night finished up with a lovely conversation with my husband-to-be.

the weekend that was: fri

i was a very busy bee this weekend.

on friday, my friend, mj, and i went to the downtown gallery hop.

i have heard about these things, but have never taken part in them. i consider myself a slightly artsy person and it was very enjoyable to get to see the local art and mingle with other yuppies. the BEST part was getting to walk around and not have to worry about parking or such.

after that, we stopped by the festival latino @ the new courthouse. there was a parade of nations going on and it was cool to see all of the nations represented. i was hoping to see some of my students there, but we didn't stay too long.

then, we went to deVassa, lower 48, and the pub room. we got to check out the 3 new bars near vctorian square. i liked the vibe of the pub room the best.

Monday, September 8, 2008

a dalmatian plantation, I say

happy 101st post to me.

thanks to my readers. thanks to my brain. thanks to the internet.

here's to 101 more...

...with liberty and justice for all

i have not taught my students about the pledge each morning, when they show kids saying the pledge on the "morning news", we sit and watch them.

one of my girls asked the other day "are those kids praying for you?"

oh, innocence.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

put up...shut up

as i watched the bungles lose their first game of the season, i was perplexed by one thing:

not by the fact that carson called a run play 88% of the time
not by the fact that rudi was not there
not by the fact that cats normally eat birds

i was reminded of the old "dennis rodman/terrell owens rule". if you want to act crazy and demand attention, you'd better be able to back it up with your play.

chad JOHNSON is the antithesis to this rule. he runs his mouth all the time, demands attention like one of my kindergarteners...yet had 0 receptions in the first half. what did your mama call you??? THAT'S your name.

why are the bengals paying him so much money?
why is anyone still paying attention to him?

stay classy.

r-o-s-i-e, it's rosie

um. there are no words for this weatherman...but at least he's having a heckuva time at work.

go reds.

Saturday, September 6, 2008


time flies like an arrow,
fruit flies like a banana.
~chris hurst

argh. disregarding my homemaker duties in the past week has attracted these little buggers to empty beer bottles, open cat food, and dirty dishes.

when i called maria to ask her how to get rid of them, she was brilliant. "wash the dishes". hah.

check: ceremony site, reception site

i realize my posting prowess has sucked lately, but in my defense, i had bronchitis, then chris came into town. i have also been getting an official wedding website up and running (hopefully will have the link next week). it's totally cute!

one exciting thing to report is that my mom and i went to talon this past week to sign the contract. it's official. i really am getting married.

this week, we are going to DaRae's to firm up the menu.
i've also been in contact with the photog.

wow. guess this is really happening! i'm really glad we had the time to sit and wallow in the post-engagement goodness. ain't nobody pushing this bride around!

j'adore j crew


in 3-7 business days, i will be the proud owner of this j.crew dress. i love all things j.crew, especially the frequent online sales. i have been trolling the internet for cute summer dresses on sale and found this little beaut for 20% off the final sale price. the prefect wedding shower dress, no?


head on over to j.crew and find yourself a little end-o-summer pick me up. (use code EXTRA 20) to get extra off.

now if i could just stay away until sunday (when the sale ends)...must....get away...from computer!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

bon anniversaire

happy 24th bday to my favorite person in the world. make a wish!