Saturday, September 27, 2008

"we're going antiquing!!! through the quad and up to the gymnasium"

i have an insane love of french country/antique/toile patterns and styling. i have been in lust for a small, girly, crystal chandelier for my bathroom for some time now. i have been unsuccessful in my search, thus far. i refuse to pay full price...and love unique finds at off-the-beaten-path type stores. yesterday, co-teacher extrordinare (allie) and i went off in search.

i will not tell what i got at these'll have to come visit to see!!

here is a breakdown of some stores:
  • room service (near winchester @ liberty): HUGE selection. weird stuff kind of, cool stuff kind of. i found out about this store from my parents. i got three things from here.
  • sofas and such (in the old buckhead restaurant regency rd): weird smell. weird selection. i got a set of 4 things from here, a set of 2 things, and one other thing. probably wouldn't go back.
  • habitat restore (southland dr. across from marikka's): closed @ 5
  • lowe's: not what i was looking for
  • walmart: got a quart of paint to finish the living room.
  • too expensive
  • ebay: not quite right

so there you have it. today will be filled with dispersing new items and painting 1/8 of a wall. also, showering and hanging out w/ ria somewhere.

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