Sunday, September 21, 2008


today was the last day of the regular season; always a sad time in my life. my resplendent redlegs are out of the playoffs for an 18th straight year, but beisbol was good to me this year.

in honor of my favorite sport, i have created a "good/bad" list of things i like and don't like (excuse the lame's 11pm on a school night).

15 good things:

  1. 100 RBIs
  2. 6-4-3
  3. outfield assists
  4. baseball movies
  5. baseball books
  6. uniform pinstripes
  7. extra innings
  8. pitchers who can hit
  9. SCORING A GAME :) :)
  10. replay
  11. Jon Miller & Joe Morgan
  12. Brennamans
  13. Buster Olney & Peter Gammons
  14. backing up every play
  15. batting around

15 bad things:

  1. not running to first
  2. all-white home uniforms
  3. long pants to the ankles
  4. wasting pitchers for L/L, R/R matchups
  5. ol' leatherpants (aka: Jim Bowden)
  6. Sox vs Yanks ad nauseum
  7. corey patterson & adam dunn
  8. sac bunts with one out
  9. DH
  10. all-star voting
  11. cheerleaders
  12. "speeding up the game"
  13. new helmets w/ the slits
  14. the wave
  15. people who explain the rules wrong to others

i'm sure there are MANY MANY other things i could list. but i love beisbol and i can't wait until it starts again.

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