Sunday, September 21, 2008

the weekend that was: sun

this busy little bee was not done yet!

on sunday, before church, i cleaned out my google reader and went through some of my DVR.

went to church at the andover campus (alone...since everyone was in g'town) and headed to g'town.

the bengals lost (surprise surprise), but there was lots of fun at the bennett household. it is SO nice to watch sports with actual fans. who know what an O-line is and why it matters. who can debate great position players and quote actual evidence.

after that, i came home and spruced up a bit. my parents came over and helped finish putting together my new kitchen island. eric stopped by also and we watched some of the SNF game.

i DVRd sunday night baseball and, then, i washed my hair (quite a feat, if you know me). while i would not consider myself a yankee fan, i am a baseball history fan. tonight is the final game at yankee stadium and i found myself a bit choked up at yogi's opening.

now, i'm watching the fantasy score updates, watching romo on SNF, and thinking of possible new kitten names.

what a lovely weekend. the only thing missing was him.

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