Saturday, September 27, 2008

couric interview

while i do not consider myself to be an overly political type, i found this interview quite interesting. i am not a fan of either woman, but i believe in educated national leaders.

don't get your panties in a twist...i'm sure there are many such videos on both sides of the scale. just thought it was very telling.

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Jennifer said...

a- my panties are not it a wad, I just felt like I had to respond to this :)
b- you are correct that this video does nothing for Palins case. She is for sure a Washington outsider and does not know all of the answers to these questions.
C- however, you are also correct in saying that you can find videos on both sides of the campaigns similar to this. Check out our boy Joe Biden here

2 things to note, FDR wasnt President during that time, Hoover was, and also, the tv hadnt even come into existence yet. It is important to be educated, and my point is that no single politician can know everything. And I find it unfair that the media holds Palin to a different standard. If she had made the comment that Biden made, she would be crucified for it. They may be politicians, but they are also people. Obama was quoted as saying that he had been to 57 states! This isnt the first video of this kind, and it wont be the last.

PS- I love you lots :)