Saturday, May 31, 2008

by the way

slow down
slow down you're moving too fast
--ray lamontagne

i cannot believe the school year is already over. it seems like we just started. my students came so far this year...but there is still so much i would have loved to have taught them. i can't wait to see their prom pictures and their smiles on their graduation days.

i will have many more classes to come, but this class will always hold a special place in my heart.

last night, i slept 16 hours straight. i think i was past exhaustion and woke up at 4pm today wondering where the hell i was. i went to waffle house for breakfast (late bird's special?) and spent the rest of the day "nesting". every once in a while, i get this urge to clean things. erica and i call it "nesting" before our boys come home.

here is what i have done since my late start:
  • changed tea lights in the candles
  • vacuumed all 730 square feet of the apartment
  • loaded/unloaded dishwasher
  • handwashed about 15 dishes
  • cleaned kitchen floor (on my hands and knees)
  • changed lilah's litter/eating area
  • washed sheets
  • washed towels/robes
  • went through closet and got rid of a TON of stuff
  • taken out the trash 5 times
  • went through fridge, cabinets, and freezer (YUCK). i have a habit of forgetting about food.
  • unpacked from last day of school
  • sorted mail
  • washed trashcans
  • de-cluttered nightstand
  • endorsed checks
  • cleaned out 4 purses
  • swept front porch
  • cleaned out vacuum
  • dusted
  • watched most of the reds game
  • made new itunes playlist
  • made icea tea
  • went to cvs for prescription, asst other things
  • declogged garbage sink thing
  • put away last of the holiday stuff.
  • hung some pictures
  • talked to erica, mom, dad, chris
  • played with lilah
  • sorted cleaning products
  • showered, shaved

would YOU be this productive in 7 hours?

On another note, chris is on his way home right NOW! i am so excited. i haven't seen him since early april and it's about time. we are going to disney with my family on thursday and will be back next wednesday. hooray!!!!

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Maria said...

WOW! Very productive! I would dub that "extreme nesting". That went above and beyond regular nesting. Yay, can't wait to see Chris!