Sunday, May 18, 2008

juno thoughts

this was my favorite movie of 2007. this song makes me so very happy.

while reading about it, i came upon a discussion on whether this movie was pro-choice or pro-life. after much careful thought, i think it depends on which character's viewpoint you are thinking from.

looking at it from juno's viewpoint, i can see how it could be both. although she seems very "liberal" (in a very liberal interpretation of that word), she took the time to find a caring family for her eggo. but she also called PP to see about a "hasty abortion". what an intriguing topic to debate...for once.

my thoughts on this are still simmering. thoughts?


Jennifer said...

Dont really have thoughts on the pro-life/pro-choice topic. However,I just saw Juno last week and agree, best movie I have seen in a while :)

Mrs. Needham said...

Ya, I loved it too. I watched it with my mom a few weeks ago and it was interesting to see how we reacted to different moments in the movie. I think my fav part of the movie is that from all of the pain their hearts grew tender and not hardened...that's a great overall message for this upcoming generation.

Cameron said...

maybe i'll be the only controversial topic-started on your comments, but i do have an opinion. i don't necessarily think that the movie is pro-choice or pro-life, but i think that it's just genuine in the way it portrays the situation. for a lot of people, Christian or not - pro-life or not, if you find yourself suddenly in that situation and you don't want to be, especially as a high schooler, you could find yourself making decisions or considering things that you never thought you would. having personally experienced this with a friend, i know that sometimes in that initial moment of panic, abortion is the first thought - even if that's something you always said you would never consider. BUT, i like how she finds out that her baby has fingernails and she just takes a step back and a little bit of time to actually consider what's going on and chooses to have the baby and give it up for adoption. this would obviously be the top choice for most of us who are not in favor of abortions. i just thought it was genuine but also witty and funny about a really serious situation. it takes something special to be able to pull that off in such a heartwarming way. i know how brave something that young has to be to decide to actually have the baby. you can argue that they should have been using a condom. you can argue that they are killing the baby and that they are ruining their lives and you can argue that it's the parents fault or the school's fault or the church's fault for not knowing what was going on and addressing it. but when it really comes down to it, it's an initial moment of intense panic followed by 9 months of whispers, questions, ridicule, heartbreak and stress. it's brave and it's admirable when someone makes a mistake and decides to own up to it and sacrifice a season even into the rest of their life for the life of the child.

i loved the movie.

(i hope all of that made sense. it just hit home to me because of situations with friends in high school so i have opinions about it! haha)