Tuesday, April 8, 2008


i love love love reducing, reusing, and recycling. i stumbled upon this website tonight and am so interested! instead of throwing out crap, people are offering it to those in their local communities. kind of like the "free to a good home" ads of yesteryear.

here is a link to other such sites. although, the freecycle one is my favorite so far.

(kinda lame...but the best i could do on youtube tonight)

on a related note, i am in need of a dresser. gently used...lime green...blah brown...missing handles...doesn't matter. my poor t-shirts just need a place to live. anyone? bueller?

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ktuttle said...

Hey - I have checked out Freecycle the last month or so afer they featured it on The Today Show! Funny - I saw the post for a dresser from "Emily" today. :)