Sunday, April 13, 2008

L.O.V.E. I.K.E.A

OMG. how have i not been to this store before now? i am officially an IKEA junkie. i was fortunate enough to go to the new northern cincy store yesterday and it is BRILLIANT. anytime anyone wants to go, please let me know.

here is a mere sampling of the things i bought yesterday: (had it not been for space limitations in my dad's car, you'd better believe i would've bought a ton more)



Jennifer said...

I love Ikea too! I discovered this gem of a store in Atlanta a few years back. I am up for a trip sometime!

Mrs. Needham said...

Well now I don't feel like such a goof...I actually went to IKEA's opening day on March 12 (I ADORE the store). They have the best kids stuff ever and I can't wait to remodel our kitchen one day.

Let me know and I'll def. be up for the trip.