Thursday, January 1, 2009

7 things

i was tagged by my pal, jen, to do a "7 things" blog that tells 7 things people might not know about me.  
  1. i love making lists.  of everything.  seriously, look back through my blog and see how many bulleted lists i made.  i also really need to have the items in a list in ABC order.

  2. i have an order for grocery shopping, which includes an order for how things go up on the conveyor belt.  it actually makes my life easier.  (eg: all cold things go first, so they will have more time in the bag so they won't spoil)
  3. i have gone to my church for its entire life.  i know many people who have gone to the same church for their whole life, but not many who have gone to a church for the church's whole life.
  4. i think the world's greatest invention is the internet.
  5. i actually like ryan seacrest (not romantically, but the work that he does).
  6. i own no orange clothes.
  7. 97% of the music i listen to is from male artists.
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