Thursday, January 1, 2009

the year

best things about 08:
  • early jan: adopting lilah the cat
  • feb 16: getting engaged to my best friend
  • august: the olympics
  • late august: moving downtown
  • dec 24: new computer
  • may: not getting pink-slipped (even though i was low man on the totem pole)
  • fall: BLC started
  • november: campaign season finally over
  • july: seeing jack johnson in concert (one of the things on my life's to-do list)
  • june: riding the updated "it's a small world" @ disney world

i'm sure i will think of more things.  and yes, i realize this list isn't in chronological order and it's driving me crazy.  but i'm trying to not let it bother me....much.

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