Sunday, January 4, 2009

sunny days, keeping the clouds away.

when i was little, the people on sesame street were my friends.  i seriously loved mr. hooper, herry monster, guy smiley, and ernie.  my favorite, though, was big bird.  he just seemed like such a nice friend to have.  plus, i knew he could put the (scary huge) snuffy in his place.

eric and i used to play the sesame street game for the original nintendo ALL THE TIME.

i found this video while trolling them internets.  it is called "ernie gets crunk."  lol.

ok, ok. here is a real clip from the show. i LOVED watching these two.  i remember thinking linoleum was the coolest word ever.  how do i still remember the words to this song after 20 years?!

as an educator, this is one of the few shows that i would allow my students to watch.  it actually uses proven methods for literacy aquisition.  how else would you ever get a kid interested in the word linoleum.  long live sesame street (minus elmo).

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