Wednesday, August 6, 2008

little moments like that

it has been a whirlwind week already...and school hasn't even started yet. here are a few musings to mull over. i've GOT to get to school to beautify my classroom.

*i ate SUSHI last night. ami suggested that we all get to know each other better, so off we headed to miyako. i probably won't be eating it every night, but i was brave and it wasn't bad!

*i feel very honored to be in the new bluegrass ladies club. i have been searching for a long time for a group of genuine ladies in lexington and i believe i just might have found it (rather, we found each other). can't wait until the 27th!

*this week, i have been slowly moving into my *new* apartment on market street. it is even more adorable than i remembered and i can't wait to call it my home. chris has been doing SO much work for it. last night, maria and i went to check out the progress after dinner and chris was so sweaty, tired, and dirty. but you know what, i loved him a little bit more in that moment because i know how hard he was working to make this a livable place.

*today, i have my first caterer meeting. we are looking at several options. as long as they don't make me eat live anything, i think i'll be okay. my mom and chris are coming too. i'll let you know how it goes.

*school starts in ONE WEEK. i can't believe how quickly the summer goes. i thought it went quickly when i was little, but 2008's just flew by. i made some great memories, but i am very excited about the upcoming future.

GAH it's already 9. meeting kerry for lunch at 1130, then the caterer at 1. must run. hope everyone else is doing well. i promise to upload some "before" pics of the apartment once i find the cord. for rizzle.

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