Saturday, March 1, 2008

wknd update

sometimes, i get so discouraged at life and the pursuit. the pursuit of what? oftentimes, it seems i am a lone reed in the world...authenticity revealed, but never appreciated. but then other times, it seems i am one with every tribe and tongue. yes, we can.

as i went through this school week, i reflected on the lives of my students and my heart broke. i have tried to stay emotionally distant from the horrible home hells of most of my students, but this week, it just hit me. i grew up with one of the best upbringings possible. loving family, excellent education, open opportunities, and the chance to literally do anything i wished. interesting that i chose a profession in which i would impact those the most different from me. yes, my students may have nothing, but they have me. and i will fight for them -- they will always be my children. yes, we can.

i have still not processed the transition my life is undergoing. two weekends ago, chris made me the most honored woman of all time. he asked me to be his wife. i was and am still in awe. this man, this honorable, gracious, accomodating, lovely man wanted to have me in his life. us in our lives. forever. on february 16, 2008, we went to the philadelphia museum of art, dinner at the victor cafe, iceskating outdoors, and then for a walk along penn's landing. that moment, the one i had dreamt of since august 2006, had arrived. and i am still in awe. darling, yes, we can.
last weekend, i took a trip in which family was the theme. from the dames to the duricks to the gosselins, family was all around. i was impacted not by words said or things given, but by authenticity. that one word can change a mind, change a mood, change a life. yes, we can.

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