Wednesday, March 4, 2009


so i was catching up on some things on my DVR tonight and i watched two episodes of jon&kate+8 back to back.  i found this show way back in the early days b/c i am one of those suckers that LOVES(D) to watch the stories of multiple birth families.

in the early days, i enjoyed watching the tribulations of caring for 6 infants day in and day out.  seeing all of the little things it took and how freaking adorable the kids were.  i loved figuring out their personalities from a wee age.

i am sad to say that this show has jumped the shark.  after watching the two episodes (one old and one new), i finally figured out what had been bothering me about this show of late.  it's the lack of interaction.  in the old episodes, the family would do things together, interact with people outside the immediate family, play.  jon and kate would giggle together about things the kids had done.  if you look at the most recent episodes, there is none of that.  no real interactions, no giggles.  just lots of eyerolling, screaming, and passive/aggressiveness.

i will NOT get up on a high-horse about the ethics of this family.  it's really none of my business.  but it is sad to see such a loving family become one that spends most days independent of each other.

could it be editing?  sure.

but i, for one, will only stick to old episodes.


jineane82 said...

I've noticed the same almost makes me not as excited about going to E-town on Sunday

Gate said...

i've been saying all along kate is overbearing, boorish and rude. who would want to watch that? i'll just catch the outtakes on the soup. glad you caught the bus.

The Tabbs said...

yep moving back late may!