Saturday, October 23, 2010

Le bebe

Here she is!
Born at 1:18 am on Sept 22 - Amelia Jean.
There are so many stories I want to write on this blog and I hope to get around to them all eventually.

Funniest story from the week:
I have an overactive letdown, so I have to be careful about keeping her stomach lower than her head (otherwise, she throws up).  I was burping her over my shoulder and she spit up in my hair, down my shoulder, and onto the couch.  I moved her onto her back so I could clean us up and her head fell to the side and she threw up exorcist-style.  My reflex was to stick my foot out to catch (?) it and it splashed all down my jeans, in between my toes, and all over the carpet.  She had the proudest look on her face and I could not stop laughing.  Definitely a "oh wow I'm a mom" moment.

Here is a list of topics I hope to cover:
Chris' journey here
The birth story
Staying in the hospital for 5 days
Hospital food and supplies
Coming home
Jaundice - Bili checks, under the lights
Settling in
Cloth diapering
Chris leaving
My parents' visit
Going it alone
First car meltdown
Pacifier use
Skyping with daddy

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Cameron said...

I can't wait to read all your stories!!! She's beautiful! You look like such a happy mom! Congratulations!!!

I had overactive letdown as well, but mine showed itself with Isis choking EVERY time she ate at first. I used to cry almost every time it happened because it scared me & I was having baby blues. I had to focus on laying back & having her almost laying on top of me to feed so that gravity was working against the milk spraying out. It was not fun, but it evened out after a few weeks, so hopefully yours will get better, too!!