Sunday, August 11, 2013

35 1/2 weeks

At Friday morning's appointment, we passed our non-stress test (baby movement and heart acceleration over time), but my pressures were higher.  Consistently 130s/95 or so.  The nurses let me go with a grumblegrumble since I had an afternoon appointment with the OB.

At the afternoon appointment, my BP was up a little higher (145/106).  I had gained a pound, which they were happy about, but for the 3rd week in a row, my uterus size (aka fundal height) had not increased.  This quite concerned the OB and, it being a Friday afternoon, she quickly left to make some phone calls.  She was able to catch an ultrasound tech in radiology and immediately sent me over for a growth scan.  It being a "stat" order, I wasn't allowed to see the screen in case something was wrong.  I was able to learn Betsy is still a girl and has hair (thank goodness the heartburn has a reason).  Unfortunately, based on measurements, she is about 2-3 weeks behind.  According to the ultrasound, which can be off, she is 4lbs, 6 ounces and in the 17th percentile for growth.  This is worrisome because she was 50th% at 20 weeks and 33% a month ago.  Something is causing her to trend lower and lower on the growth charts.

Radiology sent me up to Labor and Delivery to talk to the OB on shift, since it was now after 4pm on a Friday.  The OB referred me to the big hospital (non-Army) downtown for an HD ultrasound early next week.  They want to try to identify the cause of the slowed growth.  Is it from the placenta not getting her enough nutrients?  Something else?  They didn't want to discuss those types of options with me yet, instead waiting to see more ultrasound results next week. 

Apparently, our new goal is getting to 37 weeks.  I still want to make it to 39 weeks.  My weeks "roll over" every Wednesday.  I am currently 35 weeks, 4 days and quite scared.  If she dips below 10% for growth, they will induce me.  I am afraid of a NICU stay, especially since that would mean being away from Amelia for an extended period or leaving Betsy at the hospital to care for Amelia at home.  Last delivery, my BP spiked and I had to stay for 5 days.

So now, we wait.  Is it placental breakdown due to chronic hypertension?  Is she just a small baby?
They won't put me on any sort of BP medication (beta blocker) because its side effects include lowering baby's weight. 

I am eating, but not sleeping much. 

I will call first thing Monday morning to schedule my ultrasound at Memorial Hospital.  From there, I will have my regularly scheduled non-stress tests on Tuesday and Friday, as well as my 36 week appointment on Wednesday morning.

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