Saturday, February 9, 2008

all apologies

i realize i have been missing from my blog for quite some time now. it's hard to describe how busy things have been lately, but i will attempt to do so now.

*NY trip: i traveled to west point two weekends ago for the 500th night banquet. i was greeted by chris at LGA. it was the first time i had seen him after his eye surgery and he sure was a sight for (and with) sore eyes. we had a MARVELOUS time just being together. i finally got to meet the anderson's and a grand time was had by all. and yes, i had yuengling while i was there. DEE-VINE.

*school: my fabulous teaching assistant got the flu this week, so that meant i was pretty much alone w/ 23 five year olds all week. not to mention that several of my students were sick, but their parents refused to come get them. apart from that, i am loving my job more every day. i absolutely love where i am, who i'm with, and anticipate what each day will bring.

*KTIP: not so bad...just annoying.
*yoga: i have been going to yoga once a week and THIS week...i halfway accomplished one of the goals i set for myself. i did a headstand!! it was so freaking exhilarating! if anyone ever wants to join me, it's only $2. thursdays from 6-715ish.
*columbus trip: this afternoon, i am leaving for columbus until tuesday. another teacher and i are going to a reading conference (all paid) and it should be a rocking time. i'll have my phone, but no internet access.

*philly trip: chris and i decided to take a random trip to a random city over prez wknd. i will be leaving lex around 5 next friday afternoon and won't be back until monday afternoon. who knows what we'll be getting into, but chris will be SURE to have his camera this time around.

*ft wayne trip?: potential trip to ft wayne, IN the next weekend to see jon&kate+8 and ria's grandmother.

*hofbrauhaus trip?: potential trip to newport for februaryoktoberfest the next weekend.
yes, that's right...i'm travelling for the next four weekends. thank goodness for my parents who are taking care of lilah during my jetsetting.

catch you all mid-week next week.

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ktuttle said...

I accept your apology.

Hey - send me your current email - I can't seem to find it.