Wednesday, February 13, 2008

wknd wrapup, et al.

since today was a SNOW day, i figured i would update a bit.

i am so excited to hear that the writer's strike is over, but only because that means my most beloved show is coming back on. here's a hilarious tribute to my favorite cornell grad.

i had a great time in columbus this past weekend--except that it was freezing. enjoyed food and spirits at these fine establishments:

for all you teacherly folk, the reading recovery conference was great...even if you're not at a reading recovery school. i learned so much about guided reading, writer's workshop, and other such wonderful activities. i got to see regie routman, jeffery williams, and katherine paterson speak. all of these are ASTOUNDING educators and actually have applicable ideas for today's classroom. i would recommend this conference to any teacher i know.

this weekend, i will be in philly with my love. i can't divulge where we are staying b/c it is a surprise, but pics and stories are to follow, i'm sure.

stay warm!

1 comment:

ktuttle said...

Did you stay at the Hyatt on Capital Square????
That's where Sherry and I stayed last month on our birthday trip and I think there was a Darby's in the lobby.
But I'm really going to be mad if there's a Starbucks in that lobby b/c the one we tried to go to closed at 6 pm!