Saturday, October 18, 2008

la bibliotech

i've been reading several books lately. here is a rundown of a few:
  • Fat!so? This book has been a wonderful, intriguing read. It deals with body issues in a new way. It doesn't preach weight-loss or a fad preaches acceptance of self no matter what. the tagline is "don't apologize for your size"
  • the audacity of hope haven't gotten far into this one yet (thanks...sinus infection) but he is a great writer.
  • toxic in-laws while i would consider my future in-laws to be far from "toxic," it is true that chris and i were brought up differently. our current relationships with our parents are different, too. this book does a good job of breaking down issues and laying out how i can better respond when one of his parents does something i don't understand.
  • the minimalist cooks at home i am not a minimalist in my daily life, but i am in the kitchen. cooking for one is difficult because who wants to eat the same leftovers 4 days in a row? this book helps me cook better meals with fewer ingredients and portions. examples i can't wait to try out are pumpkin soup and grilled fruit skewers w/ ginger syrup.
  • ky insurance pamphlet open enrollment time...what a scream!

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