Sunday, November 9, 2008


wow. i have been neglecting my blogging duties. my november resolution is to blog more.

i have been working hard on wedding stuff for the past month. i got my dress, worked out more with the budget, started planning centerpieces, and created & ordered my save-the dates. i hope to start picking out colors soon -- so bridesmaids, when are you free?

here is a teaser from our save-the-dates

chris was in town this weekend and we had a wonderful whirlwind of a time. we visited all sorts of people and had the surprise shindig at shamrock's last night. he is already nearly to NY already. here is our schedule for the next months:

*two weeks: thanksgiving in philly w/ the andersons
*one week after that: army/navy game in philly
*two weeks after that: xmas break/xmas cabin

this is one of the best stretches of our relationship yet, in terms of getting to see each other so much. i can't wait until i get to be with my best friend and love every DAY.

okay. one post down, dozens more to go.
i resolved; therefore, i type.

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Maria said...

Love the preview.

I'm ready to do wedding stuff. Tell me the day!