Sunday, November 9, 2008

j'adore reader

i am obsessed with all things google reader.

i love the simplicity and the fact that i can create wedding categories to file away for the exact moment i need to look at pics of wedding hair. blogs i read must have a humor factor. after my hard days at work, i don't need anyone bringing me down!

here are a few blogs i've been frequenting:
  • weddingbee : my #1 wedding blog of choice forever. hilarious, diverse, LOVE it
  • keepyourreceipt : any blog that has the line The massage place was on the end of the row and before I even opened the door, I was assaulted by eucalyptus-scented potpourri, like they spent the morning roasting koalas on a bed of cough drops. in it is AMAZING in my book.
  • cake wrecks : HILARIOUS. gives me a guffaw every day. i LOVE that someone else critiques grammar and poor workmanship as i do.
  • who dey revolution : great blog that commiserates with fans of the worst team in the NFL. step down, mike brown (sometimes NSFW due to language)

anyone else have good suggestions?

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