Tuesday, February 10, 2009

the era*

as many sports nuts and non-fans alike know, this weekend brought about one of the most surprising disclosures of the era*.  a. rodriguez, formerly of t-ball players' dreams, of latino players' fandom, and of the general savior label, admitted to steroid usage.  for at least three years.  

now, i am a baseball nut.  i watched the congres
sional hearings 4 years ago.  i read buster olney, peter gammons, and howard bryant on a regular basis.  (anyone else?  no?  just me...)

but this one caught me by surprise.  this one was a doozy.

here is my PED (performance-enhancing drug) manifesto:
  • you are a cheater
  • you are a liar
  • ALL of your records deserve to be wiped out
  • hank aaron should chew you out
  • you should be embarrassed of yourself because you hurt your family and you make every one else** look bad
  • you should NEVER ever get into the hall of fame
  • you are worse than corey patterson (yes, yes, i said it)
  • ALL names of positive tests should be released.  if not, it would be like the police searching random homes, having a list of drug dens, saying to the public "hey, we have this list of really crappy people", and then not releasing it.  as dave ramsey says, if you have a wound, don't let it fester.  don't do things to make it bigger.  take off the bandage, look at it, and start helping yourself feel better.
the worst part about a. rodriguez is that he stood idly by while people labeled him baseball's "savior" and was OKAY with deceiving everyone.  get a life, seriously.  what would your kindergarten teacher think?!

i will NOT call you a-fraud, a-roid, or a-rod.  as i tell my students at school, it's not cute OR funny.  so stop it.

you deserve small balls, a high voice, and a completely tarnished name forever.  cheat.

*you do not even deserve an asterisk
**i love you sean casey and all other clean people***
***please let griffey be clean.  i don't know it i could take it.

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Mrs. Needham said...

you crack me up!

Do you realize that you blog more about sports than your....anything?