Friday, February 20, 2009

takin' care of bizzzness

this article details what the arizona diamondbacks (baseball organization, ami) are doing to cope with the recession.  basically, they are going back to basics with increased customer service.  while this seems refreshing in today's times, i think customer service is the hallmark of any business.

some of the establishments which i love are the ones that make me feel important for spending the benjamins there.  it seems so novel that a business would actually go out of its way to figure out what its customers want.

here are my top 4 things to keep my business:
  1. don't charge too much for drinks -- alch or otherwise
  2. have staff on tap just to answer questions on the floor
  4. access ease (if i have to go to hamburg, i will probably be in a bad mood when i get there)
what are your rules to keep your business?


Chris H(ugs) said...

1. staff must be polite and not have a negative attitude
2. store must be willing to take merch back without requiring a DNA sample
3. items must be affordable (shouldn't find the same item brand new on them internets for 50% less than what the store is asking)

Mrs. Needham said...

I totally knew the Diamondtails were a team of some sort, give me a little credit!

1. Always have a sale section with stuff under $10 (it's pretty much all I buy).
2. DO NOT have super snooty women behind the counter that make you feel like they only work at that store for a little pocket money of their own.
3.If something is wrong with your store/site/pricing/etc. be willing to give a discount to make it right.