Sunday, April 25, 2010

'round here

Well I suppose it's about time to fire up the blogging jets again.  With my pregnant brain, I tend to forget things that happen to me, so I figure now is as good of time as any to get thoughts down.  Most of my blog readers already get our bimonthly updates, but this will serve as more of a personal look into my life these days.

Once my life settled from my traveling and travelers, I quickly realized the need to fill my schedule.

In the past two weeks, I have:

  • Subbed two days for a horrible class
  • Visited Castle Rock Outlets with Alison
  • Attended two 1-68 spousal functions
  • Wrote a research paper for class
  • Saw Matt off to Kuwait/Iraq
  • Experienced my first CO thunderstorm, replete with hail, thunder, & a dusting of snow
  • Had 3 mtgs with contractors
  • Saw the regular doctor, triage nurse, dentist, optometrist, & masseuse
  • Found out I have a bladder infection and upper respiratory virus (and thus, spent the wknd on the couch)
  • Saw Valentine's Day with Nikki (dumb)
  • Felt Squirt's first movements
So ready for the basement to be started and finished.  We are just doing a basic finish, but the 30 days of noise and dust will be annoying, I'm sure.

So glad to figure out I had a bladder infection, which was causing a lot of my back pain.  I'm not one of those pregnants who second-guesses their doctor all the time, so I welcomed the antibiotics (Macrobid).  Only complaint now is my lack of appetite.  I visited the OB clinic the other day because I was only eating about 1000 calories a day.  They informed me that I needed 2400, which was a shock.  I'm trying to eat as much as possible, but I can only do what I can do...

So thankful I get to talk to Chris twice daily now.  Many wives complain that they don't talk to their husbands but once or twice a week.  This is actually the husband's choice, which makes me sad for their relationships.  I am lucky to have a husband like Chris who is interested in the home fires and makes the effort.

That is all for now.  My camera is dead and the other one is in Iraq, so I am in the market.  No pictures for now, but hope to get belly pics up soon.

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