Friday, April 30, 2010

Gleeking Out

to calm down from (yet another) bad experience with my current professor, i went on a youtube glee spree.  some people dismiss this show as cotton candy fodder, with no real point.  i may be in the minority, but i don't like gore, horror, suspense, or bad things when i watch tv (it's why i ban the news).  i want to be able to feel good about myself and the world when the show is over.

i don't watch it for the intricate storylines or to be on the bandwagon, but for the feeling i get when it's over.  sure, you have to suspend reality a little when you watch it, but the music has a power to uplift and change unlike anything i've experienced.

and if you don't like musicals, you need to LIGHTEN UP!

being a fan from day one, there are a few songs i will always return to when i am feeling sad.  these are my favorite songs from glee thusfar:

It's My Life/Confessions (Pt II) - New Directions boys

Best song ever to be on glee.  I can listen to this mashup every day.

Defying Gravity - Rachel/Kurt

The blending of their voices is amazing.  Rachel's note at 1:56 always gives me chills.

And I'm Telling You - Mercedes

Gives Jennifer Hudson a run for her money.  (Also a nod to my favorite Idol contestant ever - Norman Gentle).

Don't Rain on my Parade - Rachel

This song was so important in context of the show's plot.  Such an unexpected song for that time and she just nailed it.  Also, this song is TOTALLY directed at my horrible professor.

whew.  that's better.

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