Monday, June 21, 2010

26 week update!

How far along: 26w, 3d

Best of the week: going to the post pool, Skyping with the fam on Fajah's Day
Worst of the week: being overwhelmed + cranky, Chris working a lot
Symptoms: nesting, fatigue, leaking, lower back pain, crankiness, possible Braxton Hicks?

All About Amelia
New developments: baby hiccups!, playing at night when she's really active.
Movement: sharp, quick jabs.  normal kicks.
Position: she's mostly on my right side or up and down (head down)
Last weight: 1 lb, 10 oz (taken 6/7) - according to growth charts, she should be around 2 lbs now
Growth developments: hearing developed, hair has color/texture (red?!!)
Last heart rate: 157 bpm (taken 6/9)

Mamacita's Details
Weight: -6 from pre-pregnancy weight
Cravings: fruit, cinnamon
Fundal height: 22.5 cm (taken 6/9)
What I Miss: wearing t-shirts with nothing underneath ;)
Sleep: eh.  seems to be the return of fatigue.  sleeping about 5-6 hrs at night + 2 naps in the day
Clothes of the week: Sports bra and underwear - it's been HOT!
Music of the week: Elton John, vuvuzelas on TV

Coming Soon...
What I'm looking forward to: Mom & Dad visiting next week, dr's appt on 7/8
Next on the medical horizon: getting labs done (Glucose Tolerance Test, blood work, urine protein check for BP)
Dates: Dr appt: 7/8, Ultrasound: 7/30, Chris home: ~9/20, Due date: 9/24

Taken June 7 at 24 wks (new one coming soon!)

26.5 weeks (taken 6/22)


Maria said...

Good! I've been waiting for a new belly pic of Amelia! Lookin good Mamacita

Cameron said...

you look great!! i'm so excited for you!! i loved it when isis got hiccups! it was so funny. and she also moved a lot at night. i'd always just watch my belly move around. it was so weird! but awesome at the same time! such a great time!!

Mrs. Needham said...

Miss you and your sweet belly! Keep taking pics :-)